Welcome to website of our unique distribution platform. WORLD DISTRIBUTION AWARD is  monthly film programme where filmmakers can submit their films. Each month winners in 2 selected categories will get an amazing opportunity to sign special deal with distribution company Artemis. This company will translate their films into  different languages and distribute them into 34 tv channels across 6 different countries (Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Italy, Serbia and South Africa). We are living in the world where finding a distributor is way more dificulut than it used to be. Short films don´t usually make any money therefore it is imposible to find distributor because non of the channels will broadcast it.

 We would like to change that and also help filmmakers get into the spotlight. Our main mission is to support young talented filmmakers and create opportunities  for their development and visibility. With our exlusive partnership with distribtuion company Artemis we are able to offer something that none of the festivals can –  WORLD DISTRIBUTION.