Best Short Documentary

Animation Inc. Ireland’s Creative Industry (Directed by Darren Williams, Ireland)

Best Live Action Short Film

La Santera (Directed by Yerania Del Orbe, United-States)

Best Feature Documentary 

Son of Cornwall - (Directed by Lawrence Richards, Germany)

Best Feature Film
Angel of Beggars (Directed by Zhu Qing, China)

Best Music Video

Don't Blame Me (Directed by Laurent Mercier, France)

Best Experimental Film

A Leaf (Directed by Bishara Shoukry, Egypt)

Best Animation Film

Beatrice (Directed by Vincenzo De Sio, Italy)

Best Drama

With New Eyes (Directed by George Leontakianakos, Greece)


Choose Me: An Abortion Story  (Directed byHannah Gamble, United-States)

Best Horror
The Orthodox (Directed by John Perivolaris, United-Kingdom)

Best Thriller

The Rooftop (Directed by Francesco Maffei, Italy)

Best Action

Alaska Long Hunters (Directed by Mark Rose)

Best Comedy

Clown Corner (Directed by Stephen Richardson, Australia)

Best Sci-Fi

Dominion Evolucion (Directed by Lucas Zoppi, Argentina)

Best Actor

Michael Cambier (In film La Ligne Noire, Directed by Brandon Gotto, Belgium)

Best Actress
Katerina Kalentzi (In film Suzanna Blana, Directed by Katerina Kalentzi, Greece)

Best Student Film

His Gift (Directed by Micah Duncan, United-States)

Best First Time Director

Michiko/inorinohana (Directed by Ryo Kagawa, Japan)

Best Original Screenplay

The Boy on The Bridge (Written by Selcen Yilmazoglu Lombardi , Hakan Yildiz, Turkey)

Best Original Story

Raheel (Directed by Ayat Asadi Rahbar, Iran)

Best Cinematography

La Santera (Directed by Yerania Del Orbe, Photographed by Alejandra Rubiera, United States)

Best Editing

Alaska Long Hunters (Directed by Mark Rose, Edited by Miles Hanon, United-States)

Best Production Design
La Santera (Directed by Yerania Del Orbe, Production designer Fabian Barreneche Vega, United-States)

Best Sound Design
Alaska Long Hunters (Directed by Mark Rose, Sound Design by Wes Dewitte, United-States)

Best Original Score
Magenta (Directed by Gabriele Tacchi, Composer Filippo Stefanelli, Italy )

Best VFX
If you love her, let her go (Directed and VFX supervised by Ilan Zerrouki, France)






✴ We have not received enough submissions to announce winners of other categories.

( Best Fantasy , Best Original Song)