Best Live Action Short Film

Fear (Directed by Sosiessia Nixon , Jamaica) 

Best Short Documentary

Four Guys, the Navy, and World War II (Directed by Matthew Wilcox, United States)

Best Feature Documentary

Alla - A Pearl Of The Orient At Dior - (Directed by Berlin Irishev, France)

Best Feature Film (Live Action)

Portugal is not for sale - (Directed by André Badalo, Portugal)

Best Music Video

Woman's Enlightenment - (Directed by Koutaro Ishida, Japan)

Best Experimental Film

Lyric Suite -  (Directed by Inaki Abalos, Samuel Gonzalez, France)

Best Animation Film

Anacronte - (Directed by Raúl Koler, Emiliano Sette , Argentina)

Best Drama
A Killer For a Friend -  (Directed by Domenico Costanzo, Italy)​

Best Comedy

Portugal is not for sale - (Directed by André Badalo, Portugal)

Best Horror

Black Roses Symphony  -  (Directed by Vick Campbell, Spain)

Best Thriller
Cyber Dream -  (Directed by Yanush Ahy, United-Kingdom)

Best Action

Cyber-Man: Jak -  (Directed by Matthew "Valentine" Arnashus , United-States)

Best Fantasy

Birdsong - (Directed by Amanda Mergulhão Ferrari, Brazil)

Best First Time Director

Face2face - (Directed by Jonathon Crewe, United-Kingdom)

Best Student Film

Family Business - (Directed byJiri Balcar, United-States)

Best Actress

Elisabetta Montonato (In film Black Roses Symphony - Directed by Vick Campbell, Spain)

Best Actor

J.R. Fortin (In film Hearts of New England 1-5 - Directed by J.R. Fortin, United States)

Best Original Screenplay

Loss of Break - (Written by Nicholas Capodilupo, United States)

Best Original Story

Silver Gandhi- (Directed by Avinash Nanda, India)

Best Original Score

Question Everything - (Music composed by Lloyd Martin, Directed by Shaun Rylee, United States)

Best Cinematography
Question Everything  -  (Director of Photography - Stefano Milla,  Directed by Shaun Rylee, United States)

✴ We have not received enough submissions to announce winners of other categories. 

( Best Sci-Fi , Best LGBTQ, Best Original Song, Best Production Design, Best Editing, Best Sound Design, Best VFX)