•All films that are not in English must have English language subtitles. 
• We do not annouce nominees. Each month we only announce winners in each category.
• All the winners will be listed on our website.
• All the award certificates will be sent to winners via emial.
• If your film is declared as a winner in categories : - Best Live Action Short Film (under 30 minutes)
or Best Short Documentary (under 40minutes) your contact details will be forwarded to distribution company Artemis which will offer you special contract. 

• If contract is offered to you , you will be asked to submit following things : 
- Synopsis in English
- Dialogue list in English (List of all the dialogue with timecodes)
- Export of the film 

- 30-60 second Trailer
- Dialog List in English and original language with timecodes
- Music Cue Sheet (List of songs and authors)
Failrue in submiting theese required meterials may result in refusing your film by distribution company Artemis.
• Entry fees must be paid in full at time of submission. No cash payments are accepted. All entry fees are non-refundable. 
• Multiple entries from the same submitter are accepted. A separate submission and a separate entry fee must accompany each entry. 
• No postal submissions accepted. 

• Notice of receipt of submissions will be posted via submitter’s FilmFreeway account. It is the submitter’s responsibility to track the status of their submission. 
• The releases for all content including, but not limited to, music and talent must be obtained by the filmmaker. 
• The Wolrd Distribution award programme is not liable for any copyright infringement or unauthorized usage. Any film accepted into the Wolrd Distribution award programme may be subjected to a pre-screen for any possible infringements.
• By submitting your film to us through FilmFreeway you giving us permission to show it non-publicly to our juries, distribution partners and technicians. 
• World Distribution Awards and Artemis distribution reserves right to change amount of Local TV channels (at any given point) which this programme is partner with. 
• World distribution award reserves right to not to give an award in specific category if 
all the received films in specific month will have low production value.