Best Live Action Short Film

51 States (Directed by Cass Virdee , United-Kingdom) 

Best Short Documentary

Erraiak (Bowels). The echo of the ancestors (Directed by Ekain Martinez de Lizarduy Stürtze , Spain)

Best Feature Documentary

Alaska Long Hunters 44 (Directed by Mark D. Rose, United States)

Best Feature Film (Live Action)

Blindfold (Directed by Taras Dron , Ukraine)

Best Music Video

ofGod: There's Nothing Like Being Saved (Directed by Artie E Romero, United States)

Best Experimental Film

Rain Pot (Directed by Gordon Moore , United States)

Best Animation Film

Justin and the Werloobee (Directed by Ken Yoffe & Ellen Weisberg, John Vo , United States)

Best Drama

Love.Me (Directed by Nicola Schito, Italy)

Best Comedy

L'Amour Cinema (Directed by Gloria Rodenas, Germany)

Best Horror

Moonlit Requiem (Directed by Arthur Edelman, United Kingdom)

Best Thriller
MARELD (Directed by Ove Valeskog, Sweden)


Best Action

The Cure (Directed by Toom Chanda , Sakee Xiong , United States)

Only human (Directed by Lukas Vizner, Slovakia)

Best Fantasy
The House (Directed by Saoud Bouebaid, Kuwait)

Best First Time Director

Avalakki Pavalakki (Directed by Druga Prasad , India)

Best Student Film

Tess & Dodi (Directed by Allee Stone , United States)

Best Actress

Claudia Gerini (For film Anna Rosenberg, Directed by Michele Moscatelli)

Best Actor

Trent Walker (For film Hank & Holly Meow , Directed by Fran Nichols)

Best Original Screenplay

Anna Rosenberg (Written by André Delauré , Directed by Michele Moscatelli, France| 

Best Original Story

BOJ the movie  (Written by Job Ethan Christenson, Directed by : Isaac Bush, United States)

Best Original Score
Love.Me (Music composed by Matteo Parolini, Directed by Nicola Schito , Italy)

Best Original Song 
Anna Rosenberg (Song by Fabien Garosi, William Brisson, Directed by Michele Moscatelli, France)

Best Editing
The Perfect Shot (Edited and Directed by Danny Turner , United Kingdom)

Best Sound Design
The Pyramid of The Sun (Sound Supervised by Johannes von Barsewisch, 
Sound Design by Daniel Paulmann & Joel Jaffe, Directed by Damian Weber)


Honorable mention
AF_SO_MONT_NB (Directed by Barbara Peikert, France)