Best Live Action Short Film
High Stakes and Hotdogs (Directed by Jonas Robstad Nielsen, Magnus Axelsen, Denmark)

Best Short Documentary
As Organism (Directed by
Moe Taylor, Kathryn E F Taylor, United States)

Best Feature Documentary
MoonShot: The Remarkable Journey of Apollo Chamber Players (Directed by Jeffrey Mills, United States)

Best Feature Film (Live Action or Animation)

THE DEVOTED (Directed by Pozsgai Zsolt, Hungary)
Best Music Video
"Cancer Is My Engine"  (Directed by Sean Sebastian, United States)

Best Experimental Film
8mm Minds ( Directed by Jordan Vukomanovic, United Kingdom)

Best Animation Film
The astronaut's journal (Directed by Marina Belikova, Germany)

Best Drama
The Apartments (Directed by Filippo Nannini, United Kingdom)

Best Comedy
Malcolm & The Magpies 2020 (Directed by Philip L Moore, United Kingdom)

Best Thriller
The One I Adore (Directed by Jason Seelmann, Canda)

Best Action Film
The Game Ends (Directed by Meto Ege, Germany)

Best First Time Director
Sole Searching in San Francisco (Directed by Peter Allas, Eric David Tippett, United States)

Best Student Film
Trauma Model (Directed by Abtin Taharrozi, Australia)

Best Actress
Elisabeth Cherepanova (in Film Watch me on TV , Directed by Emeric GALLEGO, France)

Best Actor
Mario Olivares (In film Pelícano, Directed by Gustavo Letelier, Chile)

Best Original Screenplay
The Wayward (Written by Caitlin Adams, United States)

Best Original Story
The Depression of Detective Downs 2: On Depression's Edge (Directed by Anthony Thurman, United States)

Best Original Score
Gustavo Letelier (For film Pelícano, Directed by 
Gustavo Letelier, Chile)

Best Original Song
Elisa Jo (For I am spinning around, Directed by Miles Drexler, France)

Best Cinematography
Ahn Chaimin (For film Fisher Queen - Women vs. Nature, Directed by Jeonghwa Shin,  Korea, Republic of)

Best Editing
The Recession (Edited and Directed by Ricardo Romeo Pierre Vila, Ireland)

Best Sound Design
Answers (Sound Designed and Directed by Ben Lovejoy, United Kingdom)

Best VFX
Pelícano (VFX supervised and Directed by Gustavo Letelier)
Honorable mention
Fisher Queen - Women vs. Nature (Directed by Jeonghwa Shin, Korea, Republic of)
Postcard (Directed by Asmae EL Moudir, Morocco)
Shoe Horn/Office (Directed by Ingrid Nachstern, Ireland)
LOCKED DOWN - devi smetterla di avere paura (Directed by Anna Lisa Vespa, Italy)