Best Live Action Short Film

Mother of  (Directed by Gan de Lange  , Israel) 

Best Short Documentary

Before Dawn 2020 (Directed by Ravi Ling, Hong Kong)

Best Feature Documentary

A Voyage Against Time - (Directed by Steve Mackay, Kuwait)

Best Feature Film (Live Action)

Egression - (Directed by Ray Brady, United States)

Best Experimental Film

Sderot Kissufim -  (Directed by Noga Dekel, Israel)

Best Animation Film

Reflexion - (Directed by Alan Bidard, Martinique)

Best Drama
The Final Code -  (Directed by Carlo Fusco, Italy)​

Best Comedy

Like there's no tomorrow -  (Directed by Igor Biddau, Italy)

Best Horror

The Eve  -  (Directed by Luca Machnich, Italy)

Best Thriller
For Bobby  -  (Directed byJoseph McGee, United-States)

Best Sci-Fi

Metrics -  (Directed by Grant Bergland , United-States)

Best Fantasy

Used and Borrowed Time - (Directed by Sophia Romma, United-States)

Best First Time Director

Merry Christmas ! - (Directed by Jérôme Dalle Mule, France)

Best Student Film

I Wait For The Dawn - (Directed by Luca Pappalardo, Italy)

Best Actress

Leva Lykos (In film The Final Code - Directed by Carlo Fusco, Italy)

Best Actor

Jason Sterling (In film Umoya)

Best Original Screenplay

Loonatoona - (Written by Shockadelic, Australia)

Best Original Score

The Plot - (Score by Bhagyesh - Pranav, Directed by Vamshi Srinivas, United States)

Best Original Song
We Had To Say Goodbye ( By Michele Bell , United States)

Best Cinematography
The Eve  -  (Directed by Luca Machnich, Italy)

Best Production Design

The Eve  -  (Directed by Luca Machnich, Italy)

Best Editing 
Behind the Name SHAKESPEARE: Power, Lust, Scorn & Scanda  - (Directed and Edited by Robin Phillips, United States) 

Best Sound Design

The Plot - (Sound Design by Pranav Parab,  Directed by Vamshi Srinivas, United States)

Best VFX

The Eve  -  (VFX supervisor Giulia Infurna, Directed by Luca Machnich, Italy)

✴ We have not received enough submissions to announce winners of other categories. 

( Best Music Video , Best Action, Best LGBTQ, Best Original Story)