Best Live Action Short Film

Bad Daughter (Directed by Svetlana Sigalaeva, Russian Federation)

Best Short Documentary

Polymers (Directed by Nikas Kotich, Russian Federation)

Best Feature Documentary

A Postcard from Pyongyang - Traveling through North Korea
(Directed by Gregor Moellers, Anne Lewald, Germany)

Best Feature Film (Live Action)

Wastelands -  (Directed by Kemal Yildirim, United-Kingdom)

Best Music Video

Trippin - Katerinha -  (Directed by Milena Viitman, Macedonia)

Best Experimental Film

Absence of Light -  (Directed by Beatrice Aliné, Germany)

Best Animation Film

Lion Dance -  (Directed by Yu Zhong, China)

Best Drama

I Married My Mother -  (Directed by Domenico Costanzo, Italy)

Best Comedy

Manasanamaha -  (Directed by Deepak Reddy, India)

Best Horror

Segregatio -  (Directed by Jowy Santiago, Puerto Rico)

Best Horror

Segregatio -  (Directed by Jowy Santiago, Puerto Rico)

Best Thriller
Bxautiful Nightmarx - ( Directed by Brittny Williams, Juanita Ingram , United States)

Best Action

Umoya -  (Directed by Jason Sterling, United States)

Best Sci-Fi

Sil and the Devil Seeds of Arodor -  (Directed by Keith Edward Barnfather , United Kingdom)

Best Fantasy

Blue Crystel -  (Directed by Giuseppe Rossi , Italy)


In Your Hands -  (Directed by Lorenzo Maria Chierici , Italy)

Best First Time Director

"Trainee N13" -  (Directed by Sergey Donin , Russian Federation)

Best Student Film

Awakening -  (Directed by Nikolay Urumov , Bulgaria)

Best Actress

Sharon Ingrid Stark -  (In Film Five Seconds, Directed by Shahar Tenne, Israel )

Best Actor

Ciro Dapagio -  (In Film The Mobking 2.0, 
Directed by Jorge Jokes Yanes , Antoni Corone , United States)

Best Original Screenplay

Mathias - (Written by Ian Davies, United Kingdom)

Best Original Story

Tablxs - (Directed by Brittny Williams, Juanita Ingram, Esq., United States)

Best Original Score

Probashi - (Directed by Sayef Zaman , United States)

Best Original Song
Manasanamaha - (Directed by Deepak Reddy, India)

Best Cinematography
Wastelands - (Directed and Photographed by Kemal Yildirim, United-Kingdom)

Best Production Design
Bxautiful Nightmarx - ( Production Design by Brittny Williams, Juanita Ingram , United States)

Best Editing 
La amable euforia de la danza -
(Edited by Roberto Fonseca, Directed by Miguel Castanet , United States) 


Best Sound Design
Probashi - (Sound Design by Sayef Zaman, Subtropico Militia, Juan Torregoza, United States) 

Best VFX

Manasanamaha - ( VFX by Sri Hari, Rajesh, Vijay Das, Vishal Bardwaj (Early Den)  )