Best Short Documentary

Homeland Gone (Directed by Laura Lavinia, Spain)

Best Live Action Short Film

Boxed (Directed by Directed by Wanjiru Njendu, United-States)

Best Feature Documentary 

12th Street - (Directed by Gregory Lovett, Matthijs Heesemans, United-States)

Best Feature Film (Live Action)

Psychomanteum - (Directed by Ray Brady, United-Kingdom)

Best Music Video

Come Closer - (Directed by Frank Meyer, Maged Mohamed, Germany)

Best Experimental Film

Static - (Directed by Marc Lesperut, Spain)

Best Animation Film

The girl in red dress and yellow hat - (Directed by Alvaro Rozas Leiva, Chile)

Best Drama

Just Friends - (Directed by Marc Lesperut, Spain)

Best Horror

The Invitation - (Directed by Thorsten Schade, Germany)

Best Comedy

Suitcasing - (Directed by Jokes Yanes, United-States)

Best Thriller 

Occultum Mala - (Directed by Darren Hawkins, Australia)

Best Action 

Contingency - (Directed by Ersin Pertan Jr., United-States)

Best Sci-Fi  

Deus ex Ma(s)china. Story of a God. - (Directed by Lorenz Foth, Austria)

Best Fantasy

Ye Are Gods - (Directed by Gerry Manus, Canada)


Shining Moon Director's Cut - (Directed by Gustavo Letelier, Chile)

Best First Time Director

Cyrano aux tranchées - (Directed by Edouard Dossetto, France)

Best Student Film

Wolf on the Loose, Revenge - (Directed by Nahuel Matias Srnec, Argentina)

Best Actress

Anuradha Choudhury - (In Film : A Cup Of Tea - Directed by Surajit Mukherjee, India)

Best Actor

Ciro Dapagio - (In Film : Suitcasing - Directed by Jokes Yanes, United-States)

Best Original Screenplay
Joseph - (Written by Ian Davies, United-Kingdom)

Best Original Story
A Cup Of Tea - (Directed by Surajit Mukherjee, India)

Best Original Score
12th Street (Music composed by Composed by Raborn Johnson, Directed by Gregory Lovett, Matthijs Heesemans, United States)

Best Original Song
Shadow of the Day (feat. Danica Lipetsky) - (Composed by Jonathan Galland, United States)

Best Cinematography
Asghar Ali Ganchi (For film : Sheru - Directed by Ayesha Baig)

Best Production Design
Sunil Thale (For film: Fickle - Directed by Latika Kaushik, India)

Best Editing
Muhammad Ahmed (For film :  Sheru - Directed by Ayesha Baig)

Best Sound Design
Jaroslaw Gogolin (For film : Once Upon a Time On All Hallows' Eve - Directed by Jaroslaw Gogolin, United Kingdom) 

Best VFX
Ray Brady (For film Cyber 9 11 - Directed by Ray Brady)